Alcoholism Effects on the Body

Alcoholism should be drunk moderately. Eventually, it could affect you physically and emotionally if you lose control over it and slowly damaging your body, by knowing the effect of alcohol on your body it might help you drink on moderate. From the brain, you may suffer from anxiety, impaired memory, slurred speech, depression, and mood swings. Long-term heavy drinking changes brain chemistry. The heart will also be damaged. You may suffer firm shortness of breath, the feeling of tiredness, swelling in your legs and feet, irregular heartbeat, and heart failure. Other parts of your body that could suffer is the lungs, you may have pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Next is the stomach, you may have bleeding lesions, peptic ulcers and worst is cancer. Lastly is the reproductive system, alcoholic may suffer from sterility, impotence, loss of libido, and decreased sperm production.

Alcoholism Effects On The Body