In the recovery community there is widespread acceptance that drug and alcohol addiction can lead to many different forms of mental illness but there is debate about whether mental illness can lead to addiction. Depressive disorders often cause intensely uncomfortable emotions, for example, overpowering sadness, misery, numbness, isolation, sleep disorders, eating disorders. It is enticing, […]

Law-breaking and Substance Abuse

What is Delinquency? Delinquency refers to illegal or antisocial actions and behaviors committed by an individual. Delinquent actions may incorporate drug misuse or abuse, teenage drinking, violence or assault, sex, or property crimes. People who are antisocial generally show rebellious views, are included in activities that are risky, dangerous, and wrong, and are often candid […]

alcohol withdrawal

When a habitual drinker or alcohol dependent person suddenly stops drinking, he or she may experience a condition called alcohol withdrawal. When a person quits drinking abruptly, it can produce serious effects that may put their life in danger. Treating alcohol addiction and getting through detox will require specific treatment tactics. Seeking out professional help […]