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For over a decade, we have been providing a safe and medically supervised process for those who want to take the first step toward getting sober. Detoxification, or detox, removes accumulated toxins from the drug or alcohol use and cleanses them from the body. It shouldn’t be confused up with drug and/or alcohol treatment. Approach to treatment conditions varies from person to person, and many times the ‘cold turkey’ approach could be deadly. Considering that detox tactics are different for each and every addiction, it could be dangerous to attempt the ‘cold turkey’ method in many cases. We provide a customized detox treatment for each and every patient. Call 914-219-6877  to a detox professional as soon as possible!

Types of Detox

Medically supervised withdrawal and social detoxification are the two types of detox used most frequently in detox centers. Whether medically supervised withdrawal or social detoxification is used depends on:

  • the kind of substance being abused
  • length of addiction
  • age of the client
  • the mental state of the patient
  • physical health of the client
  • what type of environment the professionals think might be most useful to the patient

Medically supervised withdrawal is most beneficial for those who are addicted to:

  • alcohol
  • pain medications (prescription or pharmaceutical)
  • barbiturates or sedatives
  • opioids (heroin, OxyContin7, codeine)

These drugs usually have very dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which without certain detox aids that can only be prescribed by a doctor, can be deadly. People who abuse alcohol in any way are also recommended to participate in medically supervised withdrawal. Often, medically supervised withdrawal facilities use medications to prevent medical conditions due to withdrawal. Some withdrawal symptoms include hallucinations, seizures, or other physical and psychological problems addicts experience when trying to stop ‘cold turkey’. Additionally, those who have ever experienced hallucinations or seizures have a life-threatening sickness or have been diagnosed with certain psychological diseases that should participate in medically supervised withdrawal.

Social detoxification is far better fitted to people whose drug abuse will only result in mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, such as:

  • marijuana
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine
  • infrequent opioid use
  • occasional alcohol use

In this sort of detox, clients are supervised by nurses and therapists who oversee the patients’ well-being. During this process, medical professionals try to help addicts during their cravings of withdrawal without utilizing medications. In social detoxification, clients are not isolated in institution-like rooms; rather, they are encouraged to live along with and socialize with other people that are in recovery. This helps addicts to prepare for program rehabilitation.

Our Recovery Center’s Techniques

Our experts at our treatment center are aware that different kinds of drug use result in a variety of withdrawal symptoms, which is why it is very important to participate in a detox program that takes this into consideration. It’s vital to gradually stop taking depressants (such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol); otherwise, the following withdrawal symptoms can result:

  • hallucinations
  • tremors
  • seizures
  • higher blood pressure
  • increased heart rate
  • higher internal temperature

Stimulants (for instance, amphetamines, methamphetamine, cocaine, and Ritalin) don’t regularly require much more than emotional support from family members, loved ones, and therapists. However, occasionally a person may be diagnosed with stimulant psychosis, and will need prescription medication to avoid:

  • suicidal feelings
  • suicide attempts
  • paranoid delusions
  • psychosis

Withdrawal symptoms from opiates (like heroin, morphine, codeine, and OxyContin) vary from:

  • runny nose
  • sweating
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • rapid pulse
  • quickening breathing
  • bone sensitivity
  • muscle pain
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

Take the First Step

While it is a vital step, detox is ONLY a first step. It is never supposed to take the place of the entire rehabilitation, or rehab, process. Unlike many other detox centers, our treatment program offers support throughout the detox process (and after) because they are know how easy it is to relapse. Detox, in combination with rehab, for drug or alcohol addiction makes Our detox facility is a very effective first step in the journey to recovery. An addict’s best possible chance for a successful and total recovery is to immediately follow up detox by directly entering a rehabilitation program, like our treatment program. If you or someone you love is in the Yonkers, NY area, and are in need of detox give us a call at 914-219-6877.