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For over a decade, we have been helping men and women in the Yonkers, NY area overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. The most effective way for getting an addict into rehab (rehabilitation treatment programs) is to stage an intervention. If you’re worried about someone in your life, somebody who is considerably different because of a drug or alcohol addiction, a recovery addiction intervention may be the place to begin getting help. Addiction is frightening for both the addict and crippling for the addict’s friends and family. You might be asking, “How can I help my friend get better?” and “What’s my part in helping my loved one get help for this drug addiction?” Friends and family members care deeply for the person being affected by substance abuse; however, it does wear down family members and at some point, they will have to say ‘no’ to the drug addict. You can’t be afraid to confront the user with tough love: fear shouldn’t stop you from taking the right action. Contact us today at 914-219-6877 for more information about interventions and set one up today.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is a meeting that can be as easy as asking the person to stop their habits or is a highly efficient and organized gathering that seeks to persuade the addict to enter a treatment program. The addict must treat their problems with drug dependency. Family members, teachers, loved ones, clergy members, or other people that care about the addict must combine forces to confront the addict in regards to his or her negative behaviors regarding drug dependency. The group must urge him or her to seek treatment for his or her drug addiction. The objectives of an intervention are to present the addict with a blueprint for getting sober and to save his or her life. Although these goals can be problematic if the addict lives in self-denial and sometimes doesn’t recognize that he or she has a drug problem. The person will be unwilling to get assistance. During an intervention it is essential to deal with:

  • the addict’s dangerous behavior, the way it adversely affects the addict and his or her family members
  • the therapy plan along with goals and guidelines that the addict is expected to follow
  • what every member of the intervention promises to do if the addict doesn’t agree to a detox center programs rehab or treatment facility

The four different types of interventions are simple, crisis, classical, and family system:

  • A simple intervention is just ‘simply’ asking the target to quit their self-destructive behavior, and must be pursued before any other, more complex intervention techniques are used.
  • Crisis intervention is best used in dangerous, risky situations, like reckless driving, domestic violence, or intense drug abuse.
  • Classical interventions directly focus on the single person, the purpose being that he or she will immediately agree to enter rehab in response to the intervention.
  • In a family system intervention, the focal point is on getting all the family members to stop their harmful behaviors, particularly in occurrences of substance abuse and family violence, which create socially dysfunctional living arrangements.

What Is the Difference Between Intervention and Rehabilitation?

It’s important to take into account the difference between intervention and rehab, and understand that each is requisite for a successful recovery. We encourage the addict’s friends, family members, and others that care about the abuser to put together an intervention. The objective of this is to persuade the addict to get treatment for their drug addiction. Rehabilitation is still the best and only way to get an addict to stop using drugs or alcohol. An intervention is NOT treatment, but a means to get the addict into treatment. For the best results, the addict will learn everything about the disease of substance abuse, how one can maintain long term recovery, and what his or her drug triggers are.  For the highest chance of success, our staff suggests that an addict is pushed into agreeing to enter rehabilitation directly after their intervention.

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Standing by as a loved one suffers and struggles alone with dependency can be quite troubling and horrifying. Typically, an intervention involves a planned, motivated effort by family and friends. In order to find an interventionist, secure a rehabilitation program, or talk about substance addiction in general in the Yonkers, NY area call 914-219-6877 today!