Law-breaking and Substance Abuse

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Law-breaking and Substance Abuse

What is Delinquency?

Delinquency refers to illegal or antisocial actions and behaviors committed by an individual. Delinquent actions may incorporate drug misuse or abuse, teenage drinking, violence or assault, sex, or property crimes. People who are antisocial generally show rebellious views, are included in activities that are risky, dangerous, and wrong, and are often candid in their rejection of punishments linked with their crimes.

In some instances, there is a strong relationship between substance abuse and delinquent behavior. A lot of delinquents will search for activities that are considered wrong or criminal. In this event, drug use is both socially improper and criminal in most groups. An aberrant individual may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they commit a crime, or they may be committing a crime such as a robbery to get cash to sustain their alcohol or drug use.

Causes and Risk factors of Delinquency

Delinquency is considered a serious problem, with some different theories relating to its cause. Several theorists explain that felony is the effect of psychological health. Certain behavior or mood problems may be linked with taking part in criminal activities, including substance abuse or misuse. An antisocial personality disorder is one state that is closely related to delinquent behavior. This state is normally associated with malignant or critical thinking of relationships and the perception of others.  In other words, a felonious does not have any concern for right and wrong, or for other individuals. People who are suffering from this circumstance are often in trouble with the police, have problems with violence and aggression, abuse alcohol and drugs, and have failed to hold down work or maintain or build meaningful relationships with others.

The setting that a person grows up in, or is presently residing in, can also contribute to their eventual involvement in crimes. Poor education, low level of attachment, lack of access to health care services, and regular exposure to abusive and violent crimes can cause an individual to be delinquent. Young men are absolutely at risk of being influenced by their surroundings, and being included in upsetting and unwary activities such as public trouble and property damage delinquencies. This is due to a lack of understanding of the effects of their actions, and that they have not established self-control.

Juvenile Delinquency and Substance Abuse

Research shows that young teens begin to experiment with alcohol and drugs, new peer groups, and their sexuality from the age of 14. They will have new thoughts, puzzling times with their parents and others, and may start to act out. In mainstream cases, this is absolutely harmless and a key part of growing up.  However, others could start to abuse their mind and body with alcohol and drugs, and the effects can be tremendously dangerous. In order to find an interventionist, secure a rehabilitation program, or talk about substance addiction in general in the Yonkers, NY area call 914-219-6877 today!

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